Captain Nemo – Mezco’s Newest One:12 Exclusive

In preparation for Mezco Con Fall 2021, Mezco Toz announced Thursday, September 30th that Captain Nemo would go up for pre order Friday, October 1st at 1pm est. Captain Nemo remained open for pre order until October 3rd at 5pm est before selling out.

Mezco Exclusive Captain Nemo up for pre order.
  • Pre order price: $112 + tax and shipping.
  • Release Date: Oct – Nov 2021
  • Limit: 3 pieces per person
  • NRD: $28

Captain Nemo is a fictional character that first appeared back the 1800s and has had many appearances and adaptations since. He roams the sea in his submarine, the Nautilus, which is also included in the Mezco Exclusive package. Captain Nemo has appeared in many films, comics and books. Now, Mezco Toyz has added him to The Rumble Society.

Virtual Toy Fair 2021, we first saw a tease of Captain Nemo.

Captain Nemo comes with over 28 points of articulation, two interchangeable heads, eight interchangeable hands, pistol, holster, sword, cloak and much more. Exclusive data journal, displayable polystone Nautilus replica with clear post and nameplate base also included.

Captain Nemo was also teased with a crew of human like men. Rumor has it we will see the crew release very soon. Stay tuned! Lots of fun for the Rumble Society to add Captain Nemo and his crew. Maybe we will see a war between Captain Nemo, Baron Bends and the Krigs?

Possible crew incoming?